Dog Owners Please Mind Your Manners

I am not a big pet person but I do not dislike pets either. It is ok for me to be around people that have pets but what I can’t fathom are obnoxious dog owners that seem to not care or know how to practice good etiquette when they are outside with their pets.  Here are some etiquette rules for dog owners to consider.

Take Care of the Dog Poop Properly

This simply has no excuse. If your pet poops in public please have the decency to pick it up and dispose of it properly.  A customer in a fancy restaurant did have a baggie for her pet that pooped but instead of disposing it herself she waved it around for the waiter to pick up, the bag was transparent and needless to say other diners saw what was inside (including yours truly) while having their very expensive meal.

Minimize Barking

If your pet dog barks a lot in public then it may be advisable that you at least do something to help minimize this.  Dog boarding Big Lake specialists recommend practicing the attention exercise in order to redirect your pet’s attention.  This approach calls for positive reinforcement with treats each time your pet focuses on behaving.  Alternatively, you can also use a calming cap in order to minimize her field of vision.  Allowing your pet to bark incessantly not only is annoying to others but downright rude.

Leash Your Pet as a Courtesy to Others

Your pet dog may be friendly to you and your family but not everyone may be comfortable around dogs and every dog owner should be responsible enough to anticipate and be respectful of others.  According to dog kennel Elk River experts, it is advisable to allow your pet to approach another only if that person oks it.  If you see another dog and owner come by, ask first and be sure to honor the response regardless of how behaved your pet is around other dogs and strangers.

Dogs are great pets and companions.  However, not all people may be comfortable around them. It is advisable to practice good etiquette when you are in public so as to avoid any untoward situations.