Why Routine Veterinary Care is Essential to Pet’s Health

It is a common belief that a year in the life of a dog is equivalent to seven years in human terms. While this is not literally accurate, the truth of the matter is that pets age faster than us which means they are more prone to age related diseases and can develop them earlier than what you likely expect.  Here is why routine veterinary care is essential to your pet’s health.

Early Detection

According to dog boarding Buffalo MN experts, there are several key benefits why you need to have your dog checked regularly by your vet and one of these is early detection.  Your pet will undergo a detailed physical examination that can show early signs of possibly fatal illnesses. As laymen, we could not be expected to notice any of these signs until it is too late. However, your vet can easily pick up clues while he is interviewing you about your pet.  For instance, if your older pet dog begins to spend a lot of time at his water bowl.  This may mean nothing to us but to a vet it can be a sign of diabetes.  Early detection means early treatment and better health and longevity for your beloved pet.

Prevention is Better than Treatment

The vet will also be able to put together a good preventive health care plan so as to minimize if not completely prevent any disease. Vaccines can be discussed and what product may be best to treat parasites like tapeworms, heartworm and the ever-present fleas. The vet will be able to assess your pet’s weight and body condition so he would be able to determine whether or not your pet is taking on a lot of weight very fast.

Good Behavior

According to dog boarding kennel Big Lake MN specialists, the vet can also assess behavioral issues.  Regular checkups allow you to discuss with your vet any issues you have with your pet like excessive barking, jumping on visitors etc., Vets are great at taking care of not just the physical well-being of a pet but also their mental and emotional health as well.