Landscaping & Turf Care Tips For Spring

landscape tips for spring

It is never too early to plan your landscaping projects. When spring arrives it is the perfect time to step outside as well as the perfect chance to update your outdoor space so that you can completely immerse yourself for the coming warm weather season.  Here are some helpful landscaping tips for spring.

Landscaping Tip #1 Bring the Indoors Out

thoughtful lighting as one of the landscaping tips

Many people love both the indoor and outdoor features of their homes. So much so that they would want to find a way to enjoy both without having to sacrifice the comfortable features of their interior spaces. A good way to enjoy the indoors out is through thoughtful lighting.  This is an element that can provide a wonderful, warm ambience to a space. It could be as simple as gathering around a warm outdoor fireplace to going up a set of stairs with subtle down lights into a perfectly glowing swimming pool, to the majesty of an up lit planted urn, these are just some of the landscaping tips I can offer you.  Through lighting design one can create dimension that can enhance the ability of any homeowner to enjoy and appreciate their outdoor living spaces with family and friends.

Landscaping Tip #2 Establish Gathering & Entertaining Spaces Without Sacrificing Comfort

Cooking and entertaining go hand in hand together. One trend that landscape designers do is seating arrangements that offer inviting spaces for both small and big gathering, fireplaces and heaters in order to extend the seasons and lighting to enhance the overall experience. You can also go for a full-service kitchen and bar if you want to go the distance and pair this with a nice lounging area. Complete the set with a big flat screen TV or a nice audio setup for singing and dancing.  If insects are a problem where you live, a screened porch or a gazebo might be a good choice. This can also provide additional protection from the hot summer sun and can provide a bit of warmth in the fall and spring.

Landscaping Tip #3 Create Functional Kitchen & Bath Features

an outdoor kitchen and dining area as one of the landscaping tips

One of the great landscaping tips I can recommend when entertaining guests in the spring through some backyard activities is to maximize the experience with an outdoor kitchen that features a refrigerator/icemaker, sink and storage cabinets. An outdoor shower that is smoothly integrated into the landscape and add some form and function to your setup.

Landscaping Tip #4 Warm Up With Custom Fire Pits

a nice customized fire pit as one of the landscaping tips

Custom fire-pits are all the rage these days. A smartly designed fire-pit can bring the inside luxuries outside and can extend the day, season or night. What can be better than enjoying a nice conversation with close friends or family while cozying up to the warmth of a fire-pit?

Landscaping Tip #5 Plant A Garden For The Kitchen

keep a herb garden to perk up your landscape

With more and more people opting for a healthier lifestyle and healthy eating, there are more and more organic gardens, kitchen gardens and herb gardens out there.  This is practical and a cost effective means to get fresh food easily. One of the better landscaping tips I got from Diversified Mosquito and Turf was to have a nicely designed garden located near a kitchen entry of the house is a perfect design choice for any homeowner that wants to practice healthy eating.

Landscaping Tip #6 Don’t Forget The Water Features

a water feature will be a nice addition to your landscape

Water is a perfect design element to any outdoor setup for the spring. As a design element it offers a multitude of effects via the expression of movement, color and sound. Its ability to capture and bend light as well as influence temperature and mood is a must-have for any outdoor landscaping design setup. It creates an energy and spirit that can create a meditative mood or encourage a playful nature to anyone that sees its beauty. If used in the garden it is best placed in a location that is close to human interaction so that it can meld effortlessly with the senses and move the soul.