Illness and Injuries Commonly Encountered at Dog Boarding Facilities

Frankly speaking if you are going to board your pet at a reputable dog boarding kennel then there is absolutely nothing to worry about since it can handle most situations that your pet may encounter including sickness and aggression from fellow canines.  However, not all boarding facilities are the same while good dog boarding Buffalo MN facilities will do everything in their power to keep your beloved pet safe and healthy, there is still that off chance something out the blue creeps up. Here is what to expect.

According to dog kennel Albertville experts, the most common injuries seen at many facilities include bite from other dogs, scratch from door or fence, ripped toenail and limping after a hard day at play or from running too hard.  Most facilities will provide you an option to allow your pet to play with other residents while boarding. While there is always staff on hand watching playtimes, they still do match your pet first with others that have similar temperaments.  Dogs will always be dogs, one moment they are happily playing about the next second instincts take over and injuries could sometimes occur.

Sometimes dogs get a bit too excited and they tend to scratch their noses near the door handle. As mentioned above, some pets rip out one of their toenails. This usually occurs when they are out in the yard having a blast. When they come back we will notice that their paw is bleeding but this looks much worse than it actually is so do not fret.  If your pet is not so used to playing outside he could come back a bit sore at the end of the day but they recover pretty quick after that.

When it comes to illness, one of the most important to look at and prevent is kennel cough caused by a bacteria known as Bordetella.  It is quite contagious and is spread by direct contact. The best way to prevent this is to ensure your pet is current with all his vaccinations and is healthy and rested.

If you are thinking of boarding your pet and are concerned that he might catch a disease or be injured, do not be so worried as reputable facilities will require boarded pets to have updated vaccinations. You could always instruct staff to limit physical playtime if you feel your pet is not so used to interacting with others.