Ideal Design Suggestions for Concrete Seat Walls

Concrete seat walls are perfect for putting emphasis on focal points in your garden or yard. They are cheap to make and offer great value with very little maintenance needed.  According to Concrete Twin Cities MN experts, seat walls may be installed for a variety of purposes and in a number of different styles. For instance, the walls may be curved, freestanding or straight or it can also be integrated into a retaining wall and then finished with stucco or stone.

Fire Pit Seat Walls

You can easily add seating to one side of a fire pit by having a seat wall installed. The design could feature stacked stone with a colored concrete cap. Using an S-curve allows it to integrate properly with the rounded design of the fire pit. By installing it on just one side of the fire pit it allows you the possibility of being able to add a more comfy chair that is next to the warm fire.

Using Seat Walls as Patio Borders

According to concrete delivery Minnesota specialists, seat walls can make amazing borders for patios. The seat wall can provide additional seating in the event that there are not enough chairs or tables around. Using stamped concrete can help make the design blend with one another. As a rule, contractors usually construct seat walls along a section of the patio as opposed to all the way around it in order not to make it look cramped or spaced off.

Better Safety with Seat Walls

Seat walls not just provide an area where you can relax but it also doubles as a safety feature. If your yard slopes downward from the back of the patio, the seat wall prevents people from stepping off or tripping due to the change of elevation.  Moreover, the seat wall also puts emphasis on the symmetrical patio design by putting some attention on the edges.

Adding a Backrest

You can add a white stucco backrest to make it possible for guests to lean back while sitting around the fire pit. This offers an amazing way of providing comfort to built-in seating. I you want to achieve the ultimate comfort, seat walls need to be at least of the same height as that of a garden bench.  Moreover, if you are installing one near a fire pit it should at least have enough space away from the fire in order to prevent people from quickly becoming overheated.