Dog Owners Please Mind Your Manners

I am not a big pet person but I do not dislike pets either. It is ok for me to be around people that have pets but what I can’t fathom are obnoxious dog owners that seem to not care or know how to practice good etiquette when they are outside with their pets.  Here are some etiquette rules for dog owners to consider.

Take Care of the Dog Poop Properly

This simply has no excuse. If your pet poops in public please have the decency to pick it up and dispose of it properly.  A customer in a fancy restaurant did have a baggie for her pet that pooped but instead of disposing it herself she waved it around for the waiter to pick up, the bag was transparent and needless to say other diners saw what was inside (including yours truly) while having their very expensive meal.

Minimize Barking

If your pet dog barks a lot in public then it may be advisable that you at least do something to help minimize this.  Dog boarding Big Lake specialists recommend practicing the attention exercise in order to redirect your pet’s attention.  This approach calls for positive reinforcement with treats each time your pet focuses on behaving.  Alternatively, you can also use a calming cap in order to minimize her field of vision.  Allowing your pet to bark incessantly not only is annoying to others but downright rude.

Leash Your Pet as a Courtesy to Others

Your pet dog may be friendly to you and your family but not everyone may be comfortable around dogs and every dog owner should be responsible enough to anticipate and be respectful of others.  According to dog kennel Elk River experts, it is advisable to allow your pet to approach another only if that person oks it.  If you see another dog and owner come by, ask first and be sure to honor the response regardless of how behaved your pet is around other dogs and strangers.

Dogs are great pets and companions.  However, not all people may be comfortable around them. It is advisable to practice good etiquette when you are in public so as to avoid any untoward situations.

To Board or Not to Board That is the Question

You’ve heard about pet boarding from some of your friends but still not sure whether or not you want try it? According to dog kennel Albertville experts, each year the number of pets left at home that suffer from undue stress is rising. High stress levels in pets can lead to depression and unruly behavior.  If you want your pet to be happy while you are away, don’t leave him at home, try a dog kennel facility near you. Here is why.

Seen it All

You need to believe me when I say that dog boarding kennel staff has seen and heard it all.  So much so that they already have protocols in place to be able to address just about any possible situation your pet may have. Your pet suddenly decides to get picky with food? Does your pet suddenly have a bad case of the runs? Is he prone to separation anxiety?  There is nothing to worry about because staff at dog boarding kennel facilities have adequate knowledge and skills to handle just about every situation.  There is a veterinarian on call should the need arise.

According to dog kennel Big Lake experts, they ask dog owners to bring in with their pet their favorite toy, food and blanket so they won’t feel like they have been thrown into a strange and unfamiliar environment.  If your pet is really anxious, staff may even ask if you could leave a used item of clothing so your pet can smell you are nearby.  Does your pet require medications? No problem.  Staff members at reputable dog boarding kennel facilities are adept at giving appropriate medications whenever necessary. As a matter of fact a lot of facilities can even provide injections if your pet is diabetic or if their medications require it. While this may cost a little bit more, than say leaving your pet with a friend, you can at least rest assured that he will get all the attention he needs. So the next time you go on vacation board your dog at the nearest reputable dog boarding facility and have peace of mind.

Give Your Pet an Experience He Won’t Soon Forget with Doggie Day Care

Doggie day care  or dog boarding for some can be a healthy and rewarding experience for your pet dog. It will keep your pet physically and mentally fit all throughout the day.  If you need to leave your pet for the day, do not leave him at home locked up in their crate, doggie day care or dog boarding is the best solution.


According to dog boarding Kennel St. Michael experts, dogs get bored and easily agitated if they do not receive the right stimulation that can make use of their energy and curiosity. It is not advisable to leave your pet all cooped up in a crate all day. Why not let professionals supervise your pet in a controlled environment so they can enjoy themselves. After a good day of play, your little one will definitely go home tired and happy for a nice quiet evening with you. 

Your pet will also benefit from the socialization that comes with interacting with other pets at the dog boarding kennel Elk River facility for example.  Your pet under supervision will have the opportunity to meet other dogs as well as new people. Do not be afraid if your pet is a bit timid as the center can adjust to your dog’s needs so he can slowly get used to others without getting stressed.

What can be expected

Not all dogs may be allowed access to a doggie day care facility because they need to ensure that he or she will not harm other dogs. There is a socialization interview and records of current vaccinations may be needed.  Many facilities also go for an age requirement of 4 months and older, be in good health and flea and tick free.  When it comes to vaccines, your dog must already have the following before being allowed entry such as: rabies,  distemper, Bordetella or kennel cough vaccine within the last 6 months and monthly flea and tick prevention meds.

Your dog is special and if you want the best experience for your pet while you are away, give him one that can improve on his physical and social skills safely in a controlled environment such as a doggie day care facility.

Illness and Injuries Commonly Encountered at Dog Boarding Facilities

Frankly speaking if you are going to board your pet at a reputable dog boarding kennel then there is absolutely nothing to worry about since it can handle most situations that your pet may encounter including sickness and aggression from fellow canines.  However, not all boarding facilities are the same while good dog boarding Buffalo MN facilities will do everything in their power to keep your beloved pet safe and healthy, there is still that off chance something out the blue creeps up. Here is what to expect.

According to dog kennel Albertville experts, the most common injuries seen at many facilities include bite from other dogs, scratch from door or fence, ripped toenail and limping after a hard day at play or from running too hard.  Most facilities will provide you an option to allow your pet to play with other residents while boarding. While there is always staff on hand watching playtimes, they still do match your pet first with others that have similar temperaments.  Dogs will always be dogs, one moment they are happily playing about the next second instincts take over and injuries could sometimes occur.

Sometimes dogs get a bit too excited and they tend to scratch their noses near the door handle. As mentioned above, some pets rip out one of their toenails. This usually occurs when they are out in the yard having a blast. When they come back we will notice that their paw is bleeding but this looks much worse than it actually is so do not fret.  If your pet is not so used to playing outside he could come back a bit sore at the end of the day but they recover pretty quick after that.

When it comes to illness, one of the most important to look at and prevent is kennel cough caused by a bacteria known as Bordetella.  It is quite contagious and is spread by direct contact. The best way to prevent this is to ensure your pet is current with all his vaccinations and is healthy and rested.

If you are thinking of boarding your pet and are concerned that he might catch a disease or be injured, do not be so worried as reputable facilities will require boarded pets to have updated vaccinations. You could always instruct staff to limit physical playtime if you feel your pet is not so used to interacting with others.

Why Routine Veterinary Care is Essential to Pet’s Health

It is a common belief that a year in the life of a dog is equivalent to seven years in human terms. While this is not literally accurate, the truth of the matter is that pets age faster than us which means they are more prone to age related diseases and can develop them earlier than what you likely expect.  Here is why routine veterinary care is essential to your pet’s health.

Early Detection

According to dog boarding Buffalo MN experts, there are several key benefits why you need to have your dog checked regularly by your vet and one of these is early detection.  Your pet will undergo a detailed physical examination that can show early signs of possibly fatal illnesses. As laymen, we could not be expected to notice any of these signs until it is too late. However, your vet can easily pick up clues while he is interviewing you about your pet.  For instance, if your older pet dog begins to spend a lot of time at his water bowl.  This may mean nothing to us but to a vet it can be a sign of diabetes.  Early detection means early treatment and better health and longevity for your beloved pet.

Prevention is Better than Treatment

The vet will also be able to put together a good preventive health care plan so as to minimize if not completely prevent any disease. Vaccines can be discussed and what product may be best to treat parasites like tapeworms, heartworm and the ever-present fleas. The vet will be able to assess your pet’s weight and body condition so he would be able to determine whether or not your pet is taking on a lot of weight very fast.

Good Behavior

According to dog boarding kennel Big Lake MN specialists, the vet can also assess behavioral issues.  Regular checkups allow you to discuss with your vet any issues you have with your pet like excessive barking, jumping on visitors etc., Vets are great at taking care of not just the physical well-being of a pet but also their mental and emotional health as well.